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      JBJ Gift Guide 2021

      JBJ Gift Guide 2021
      From $1,100.00

      Simple yet elegant, our Athena necklace is a staple accessory. Made up of delicate 14K yellow gold paperclip links with a double-sided diamond clasp, this necklace is gorgeous on its own but can also be enhanced with your favorite pendant....

      From $130.00

      A symbol of pushing forward even during difficult times, the screw infuses jewelry with meaning. The strong and dependable screw silhouette is crafted in your choice of 14K yellow gold or sterling silver and studded with diamonds for maximum sparkle...


      Shine bright like a diamond with our dazzling Betty Necklace. Available in 14K yellow or white gold, this timeless design features an array of sparkling diamonds for a luxurious look. This diamond necklace is the perfect transition piece from day...


      Small Traveler pendant. 14k yellow gold with diamonds. Available in turquoise, lapis and malachite.


      As a symbol, the compass represents bringing motivation to a person feeling lost. It gives a sense of hope and inspires you to follow your heart and intuition. Compasses always point North, a direction which symbolizes progress & inspiration. This...

      From $280.00

      Featuring four, dainty symbols of luck and love, our Penny Necklace is sure to bring you an abundance of good fortune. Available in your choice of 14K yellow gold or sterling silver, this lucky necklace is enhanced with diamonds for...


      Rolo chain with open close clasp to add your special talismans. Can also be worn on its own. Adjustable length from 16” to 18”. 14k yellow gold

      From $780.00

      14k Gold feather. Available in small and medium.The feather is a symbol for trust, honor, wisdom, power and freedom.  - 14k yellow gold - Small feather .11.c diamonds -Medium feather .20c diamonds  - Necklace sold separately 

      Sold Out $6,720.00

      3.40c of diamonds sparkle around this gorgeous tennis necklace. Set in 14k yellow gold. Can be worn as short as 14” or as long as 18” and any length in between. Dress this stunner up or wear with a t-shirt and...

      Sold Out

      Representing the sun’s annual rotation around the earth, our Zodiac Wheel pendant is a meaningful fine jewelry piece that belongs in your jewelry collection. Crafted in 14K yellow gold and featuring black enamel and diamonds, this piece makes a stunning...


      Crafted in 14K yellow gold, our Finola Necklace features large oval links for a bold and chunky look. A true statement maker, this necklace pairs well with essential pieces. Add a special charm for a standout necklace. Can be ordered...


      A symbol for wealth, abundance, and goodwill, the bull is a powerful talisman. Our Abundance pendant features a prominent bull in a circle of 14K yellow gold and sterling silver. Diamonds covering the surface of this pendant add just the...