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      JBJ Gift Guide 2021

      JBJ Gift Guide 2021

      Small Traveler pendant. 14k yellow gold with diamonds. Available in turquoise, lapis and malachite.


      As a symbol, the compass represents bringing motivation to a person feeling lost. It gives a sense of hope and inspires you to follow your heart and intuition. Compasses always point North, a direction which symbolizes progress & inspiration. This...

      From $780.00

      14k Gold feather. Available in small and medium.The feather is a symbol for trust, honor, wisdom, power and freedom.  - 14k yellow gold - Small feather .11.c diamonds -Medium feather .20c diamonds  - Necklace sold separately 


      Representing the sun’s annual rotation around the earth, our Zodiac Wheel pendant is a meaningful fine jewelry piece that belongs in your jewelry collection. Crafted in 14K yellow gold and featuring black enamel and diamonds, this piece makes a stunning...


      A symbol for wealth, abundance, and goodwill, the bull is a powerful talisman. Our Abundance pendant features a prominent bull in a circle of 14K yellow gold and sterling silver. Diamonds covering the surface of this pendant add just the...


      A meaningful fine jewelry piece, this pendant represents peace on earth and unity. Crafted from 14K yellow gold with a mother-of-pearl face, this statement pendant features a halo of diamonds and the raised continents. This pendant is especially beautiful when...

      From $198.00

      The symbols on this stunning statement pendant represent ideas like luck, protection, and love. Available in either 14K yellow gold or sterling silver, the Prosperity pendant is a special gift you deserve to give to yourself. Sparkling diamonds add just...


      Colorful and radiant, our Jessica pendant features a 14K yellow gold bee, which is a symbol of community, brightness, and personal power. Choose from turquoise with blue sapphires, malachite with emeralds, or lapis with blue sapphires - all with diamonds....


      A symbol of abundance, persistence, and teamwork, the bee is a powerful little insect that needs to become your new talisman. Our Mama Bee necklace is beautifully crafted in sterling silver with diamond pave details for a sparkling and sculptural...

      From $1,150.00

      Available in two different sizes, this breathtaking statement piece is the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one. Crafted in 14K yellow gold, this piece features beautiful fluted details and both baguette and round diamonds for a sparkling...


      14k yellow gold evil eye pendant with Sapphires & diamonds. .36c Diamonds. A beautiful symbol of protection. 


      14k yellow gold with diamond. A beautiful symbol of peace. Looks great on its own or layered with another pendant. .30c diamonds.