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      JBJ Gift Guide 2021

      JBJ Gift Guide 2021

      Featuring brilliant and vibrant pink sapphires in a graduated ombre pattern, this cigar band is a must-have for your colorful jewelry collection. A statement ring that you can wear everyday, this piece of unique fine jewelry is crafted in 14K...


      The Roar ring a beautiful reminder of your strength, courage, majesty, family and love.  - 14k yellow gold - .16c diamonds - Size 7


      As a symbol, the compass represents bringing motivation to a person feeling lost. It gives a sense of hope and inspires you to follow your heart and intuition. Compasses always point North, a direction which symbolizes progress and inspiration. -...


      Diamond two finger ring. This is a stunning 1.75c ring. It offers that rocker chic style to your everyday. This ring was designed with comfort in mind. Movement is not restricted and it’s completely comfortable to wear.  6/7 in stock....


      Whimsical and bright, our Over the Rainbow ring features a rainbow of enamel in a statement-making domed shape. Crafted in 14K yellow gold, this ring is warm and colorful, the perfect conversation starter and your daily dose of happiness.

      From $1,198.00

      Our beautiful diamond star ring is a great reminder to always shine bright. Available in a large and small version. Diamonds set in 14k yellow fold. Size 7. Can be ordered in any size.  Large Diamond Star - .55c diamonds...