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      Quality goods, personal connection, individual style, gracious heart.

      Our Mission

      JBJ offers a unique and inspiring assortment of fine jewelry and accessories. By sharing meaning and symbolism through our merchandise, we aim to bring joy and deeper personal expression to the customer experience. Giving back to our community and collaborating with and supporting other women are core goals of our business.

      Each piece that is designed, curated, or sourced is done so with the intention to empower and create your own collection that tells your own personal story. We invite you to create your own richly layered story, one that’s filled with beauty, mystery, and personal reflection.

      Letter from Jill

      Inspired by a lifelong love of fashion and a deep-rooted appreciation for female entrepreneurs, I dreamed about JBJ Curated Goods for many years. It was not until I met other entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry that I finally had the courage to take the leap.

      I love that JBJ gives me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many memorable and inspiring people. Hearing stories about the jewelry and other merchandise that customers have purchased from my store is extremely fulfilling, especially when they tell me about how meaningful the pieces are to them.

      I love sourcing quality designs and styles to bring you the best of the best. I consider myself to be a treasure hunter, a collector, curator, designer and caretaker of all the pieces until they find their way to their forever home.

      One of my core missions is giving back. I especially love giving to women-run organizations that directly impact my local community and beyond. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love, and giving is both a gift for me and a purpose for my business.

      Thank you for visiting my online store.