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      JBJ Curated Goods - Store Interior


      JBJ Curated Goods is a shopping destination that brings empowering, unique and quality jewelry and accessories to downtown Walnut Creek and beyond.


      Since opening in 2016, founder and chief curator Jill Berlin Jarmel of JBJ Curated Goods, has been on the hunt for treasures “lead by intuition and craft” to source empowering, unique and quality jewelry and accessories to bring to her boutique located in downtown Walnut Creek, CA. JBJ Curated Goods is a curated shopping destination designed with each customer in mind, so they can leave with meaningful and personalized treasures. You won't find the same JBJ pieces anywhere else, because no two stones are the same. They each represent a story of beauty, mystery and personal reflection, just like the women who choose them.


      Quality Pieces. Personal Connection. Custom Style. Gracious Heart.

      This is JBJ Curated Goods.



      Meet Jill Jarmel - JBJ Curated Goods


      Jill Berlin Jarmel is the founder and chief curator of JBJ Curated Goods. Inspired by a lifetime love of fashion and a deep-rooted appreciation for female entrepreneurs, JBJ Curated Goods was a dream for Jill for many years.

      That vision became a reality when she launched her curated shopping destination in 2016. With an extensive 20-year successful career in marketing, sales, merchandising and client relations - working in radio, magazine business development, communications, trade show management within the pharmaceutical and jewelry industries, Jill wholeheartedly understands her customers and passionately provides the best possible service and products.

      Over the years, Jill has worked and developed relationships with hundreds of talented designers and artisans, and has true eye for sourcing quality designs and styles, both locally and globally. She is a treasure hunter, collector, curator and the caretaker of the jewelry, accessories and clothing products found in her boutique.

      When Jill is not scouting for new design treasures or sipping coffee with customers, her time is spent with family, friends and their dog, celebrating with gratitude, laughter and love for the blessings in this life.


      I crave connection, and love the ability to meet and build relationships with so many memorable people. Hearing the stories about the jewelry and merchandise sourced at my store, and how fun the pieces are to wear, has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.”

      - Jill Berlin Jarmel