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      Book your next appointment with Bonded by JBJ and try something truly special! 

      We use the magic of gold jewelry 🔅 + a little zap ⚡️  to help you set an intention, make a wish, remember a loved one or simply dream big!


      What is Bonded by JBJ Intention Jewelry?

      Bonded by JBJ provides you a joyful and happy jewelry reminder throughout your day with every little golden sparkle. 🌟

      We bond a 14k gold chain with a small welder to "zap" the chain into a forever circle. No more need for messy clasps, your jewelry now stays on as long as you want to keep it on. These chains are set to be worn as a bracelet or anklet.  Add a charm to provide you an extra little reminder of the intention you set.  Intention jewelry stays with you as long as you like and can easily be removed with scissors.

      As part of the jewelry bonding, you have the option to set an intention to make this piece of jewelry feel extra special and infused with meaning.


      Reserve your Intentional Jewelry appointment here!

      Appointments take approximately 20 minutes and include time to choose your chain, charm and set the bracelet. 

      Contact me if you are interested in hosting Bonded by JBJ at your boutique, salon, studio or special event. 



      What is Intentional Jewelry?

       Intentional jewelry is a new way of wearing jewelry, instead of taking off your bracelet each day, we can now create a forever piece that you never have to remove. The chain is gently "zapped" closed and stays on until you decide to remove it.

      How to do I remove my Intentional Jewelry?

      You can easily remove it with scissors. 


      Do you host parties or special events? 

      Yes, I would love to work with you to host a special event to give the gift of intention jewelry!

      Contact me if you are interested in hosting Bonded by JBJ at your boutique, salon, studio or special event.