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      You're Invited to a Pop-up! On the Wall Art and SweetBu Oils

      I'm excited to announce my latest popup at the JBJ Curated Goods shop on Thursday, September 23rd from 5-7pm. Not only will there be bubbles and chocolates, but I'll also be hosting two California-based, women-owned businesses - On the Wall and Sweet Bu Oil.

      Entrepreneur Kelly Tuggle founded art consulting firm On the Wall in 2017 after working at SFMOMA and serving as a buyer in the apparel industry. She provides a personal, service-oriented experience for clients seeking to acquire art for their home or office. Through her relationships with many local, national, and international artists along with galleries, Kelly is able to present her clients with work by both emerging and more established artists. Whenever possible, she goes to great lengths to ensure her clients can preview the work in their space before committing to a purchase. She offers complimentary, in-home consultations and also provides framing services, custom mirror design, and installation if requested.

      Melissa and Courtney, the creative makers behind SweetBu Oils, will also be showcasing their two signature scents: Sweet Bu Oils #1 and #2. After meeting on the first day of Kindergarten in nearby Lafayette, Melissa and Courtney became the best of friends. Melissa pursued a successful career in corporate America but then decided to open SweetBu Candy in Malibu, where she lives with her two children. Courtney stayed in their hometown of Lafayette, but the two remained inseparable, even deciding to pursue a shared hobby of blending their own custom fragrances.

      Now, they're ready to share their unique and memorable scents with the world. Both varieties are custom blended by hand and feature a mix of creamy coconut and vanilla bean; SweetBu Oil #1 has notes of Persian Garden and #2 has Lily of the Valley. You'll have a hard time just choosing one!

      There's nothing more luxurious than fine art, unique jewelry, and high-quality fragrances together. We can't wait to see you at the popup!

      Now Introducing DeMellier Handbags

      You already know JBJ Curated Goods for our curated selection of unique and collectible fine jewelry pieces, but did you know we also carry other must-have accessories? We're excited to announce our latest partnership with luxury handbag brand DeMellier. Not only do they make gorgeous, ready-for-everyday designs, but they're also aligned with one of our missions: giving back to those in need.

      Founded by designer and entrepreneur Mireia Llusia-Lindh, DeMellier is a UK-based brand that creates thoughtful and stylish leather accessories using only the finest materials. These handcrafted beauties are made in the south of Spain by local artisans using Spanish and Italian leather of the highest quality. They believe in using sustainable materials as often as they can, and they're committed to minimizing waste at every step of production.

      Mireia was born in Barcelona and eventually settled in London before earning her MBA from Harvard Business School and later honing her skills and experience in fashion by serving as a strategy advisor to companies like Burberry and LVMH. She's the mother of three, and she's passionate about equal opportunities for both women and children. For every item purchased, DeMellier funds life saving vaccines and treatments aimed to save the lives of children who don't have access to medical care.

      Through their cutting-edge designs and captivating aesthetic, DeMellier strives to blend the old and the new. The "De" portion of the brand name comes from Mireia's grandmother, who was a descendant of knights and other nobility. The "Mellier" part of the name represents Miriera's name of French descent. We're loving this brand, and you'll have to check out the bags yourself to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and eye-catching silhouettes. Shop now.

      Q&A With Julie Rader, Astrology Expert and Yogi

      We're excited to tease an upcoming collaboration with Julie Rader, an astrology expert and yogi. With two decades of teaching yoga and meditation under her belt, Julie has dedicated her life to studying and understanding the power of the mind through meditation and the study of astrology has been an influence in her teachings from day one. We're excited for you to meet Julie!

      How did you first get involved with astrology? What initially attracted you to it, and how has your relationship with astrology evolved over time?

      I remember watching my Grandma reading her horoscopes when I was in elementary school. I was always intrigued and asked her questions, so my young mind could comprehend. She was my first introduction to astrology and was definitely my inspiration. She passed away when I was 13 years old, but I still feel her presence as I study and practice astrology today. When I was younger, I knew everyone's birthdays and gathered information based on their personality and sign. As a psychology major in college, after learning Carl Jung practiced astrology to better understand his patients, I began diving deeper into the signs and planets. Astrology was weaved into teaching my yoga classes and even the way I parented my children based on their charts. After a couple decades of self study, I found my astrology teacher, who has taken my practice of chart reading to another level. Now I combine my intuition with the science of astrology to look at personality strengths and predictive techniques of all of my clients.

      How can someone benefit from a personalized, guided astrology chart reading? How should one prepare for an astrology chart reading?

      The astrology chart reveals our personality traits, innate strengths, and areas where we can focus more energy. For example, I had a lightbulb moment when I first discovered my astrology chart has no earth elements. It explained why I always felt I was floating through life. Now I utilize daily grounding techniques and wear specific crystals and colors to balance out my lack of earth or practical skills. To prepare for a chart reading, I need the exact time of birth, which can be found on the birth certificate. I always recommend having an intention for the chart reading in mind, so I can answer specific questions about a certain area of life.

      If someone is completely new to chart readings, what can he or she expect from the experience?

      I love reading charts for newbies. There is something very special about witnessing the "aha" moments as the puzzle pieces of someone's personality and life are revealed through the astrological chart. The Zoom readings are recorded, and I highly recommend listening to them several times to fully process all of the juicy goodness. During the reading, we discuss how to best utilize the planetary aspects that make up one's unique personality as well as looking at transits and solar returns which give information of upcoming potential life changes.

      What are your thoughts about the connection between crystals/colors and mindful living?

      I believe crystals hold sacred energy to enhance focused intention. Colors are powerful for awakening and balancing out the energy systems in the body. I often suggest that my clients wear certain colors or crystals. For example, someone lacking water in their chart would benefit from wearing turquoise to tap into their feelings and intuition.

      What are your thoughts about personal talismans? Do you have any talismans in your own collection...if so, could you describe them?

      Personal talismans are used in many cultures as a way to commemorate one's lineage. I believe talismans are a reminder of one's sacred journey in life. Just like a wedding band is symbolic of a sacred commitment to another person, a personal talisman is a commitment to oneself. Every piece of jewelry I wear is intentional. Each one has a different purpose and a ritualistic experience associate with it. My meditation mala, which was given to me by my yoga teacher in India, travels with me everywhere. Even though I use it for meditation and don't wear it, it reminds me of who I am and my unique gifts.

      What makes you most excited about your upcoming collaboration with JBJ?

      I am honored and thrilled to be partnering with JBJ on creating astrological pieces. I truly believe everyone would benefit from having a piece of intentional jewelry as a sacred reminder to live one's highest potential in a beautiful way!

      To learn more about Julie, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

      Jewelry Care and Cleaning for Summertime Sparkle

      Taking care of your delicate and high-quality jewelry pieces is important all year round, but with summer right around the corner, you should take some extra precautions to ensure the longevity of your favorite pieces. Want to keep your finest jewelry in great condition for longer? Here are a few of our jewelry care and cleaning tips to make sure your jewelry always stays shining.

      How to Store

      Having a safe place to store your jewelry is a necessary step when caring for your pieces. It’s important to keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place. A soft-lined jewelry case or soft-lined pouches are great options to store rings and bracelets. Each piece should be stored separately, without touching each other, to avoid scratching or tarnishing. Hanging necklaces individually will also prevent scratches and tarnishing.

      Things to Avoid

      Chlorine and saltwater

      Remove all jewelry before jumping into the shower, pool, or jacuzzi and before plunging into saltwater. Chlorine and saltwater are known for damaging and discoloring metals like gold and platinum. Saltwater and chlorine can also erode the finish and polish of gemstones. Rings and earrings are prone to fall off when swimming, and no one wants to lose their precious pieces. Make sure to store your jewelry somewhere safe before heading out for a beach or pool day.

      Sunscreen and lotions

      We’re not here to tell you not to wear sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen every day, but make sure to take off all jewelry when applying it. Sunscreens and lotions easily build up and can cause the finish and stones of your pieces to become dull. Be sure to apply sunscreen, lotions, and other beauty products before putting your jewelry on to prevent your pieces from losing their brightness.

      Harsh chemicals

      Summer calls for family and friend gatherings and loads of food. With loads of food comes loads of dishes. Make sure to take off all your rings and bracelets when washing dishes. Harsh chemicals and certain soaps can cause discoloration of stones and metals, and loose stones and rings have the potential to fall down the drain. Remember to remove jewelry before doing dishes or make sure to have someone do the dishes for you (our preferred option), so that you know your pieces will remain in great condition!

      How to Clean

      To clean your nicest jewelry, make it a habit to wipe your pieces after wearing them. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe away any film or grime from your jewelry. Avoid using a paper towel as it can cause scratches. When done, lay your pieces to dry to avoid excess moisture before storing them in your jewelry case. Certain pieces require additional care and cleaning, so after the summer season, make sure to get your pieces professionally cleaned to ensure that your pieces continue to shine as brightly as you!