Angel Numbers Collection

Seeing the Same Number Over and Over?

Do you ever find yourself looking at the clock at the exact same time during the day? For example, at 11:11? 

Or have you found that certain numbers keep appearing in your life? 

You may be encountering “angel numbers.” These are numbers that repeat or follow a predictive pattern. For example, “222,” 1111,” or “1234.” 

Many believe that angel numbers have a divine meaning and may be messages from the universe, a guardian angel, a loved one who’s passed away, or a higher power. Once you start seeing Angel Numbers it becomes a pattern and sign. I wanted to capture the magic of these numbers into a beautiful collection of statement jewelry. 

I've chosen my favorite Angel Numbers to share with you! 

If you have your own number collection, reach out for a custom order.

Angel Numbers & Angel Wings

What jewelry is available for angel numbers? 

If you want to honor your angel number with a piece of custom-made jewelry, let me know! I’d love to help make that happen. 

You can choose 14k yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. Together, we will design something you love. 

You can also think beyond angel numbers and select birthdates, lucky numbers, or any other combination of characters that has a special meaning to you.

Just allow 3-6 weeks turnaround time because they are lovingly hand-crafted. 

Below is is my personal collection of Angel number screenshots from only 2 months!