Butterflies: Wear Your Symbol of New Beginnings

Butterflies: Wear Your Symbol of New Beginnings


They symbolize the magic of transformation and new beginnings… and they’re the perfect energy for a new year. I’m talking about butterflies, one of nature's most fascinating creations. 

Leni 14k gold and diamond pendant necklace 

Butterflies embody beauty and resilience, and they are a reminder of life’s continuing unfolding. And this jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a piece of art that intertwines the finesse of nature with the brilliance of fine craftsmanship. These pieces are delicate and mesmerizing.

Explore this enchanting collection and find a piece that resonates with your journey of transformation and renewal.

Anna 14k gold and diamond butterfly bracelet

New beginnings and baby butterfly 14k gold and diamond stud earrings


Shop the JBJ collection of 14k gold and diamond butterflies. Each piece of fine jewelry is heirloom quality and made to last for generations.  

Available for purchase online with secure payment options and affordable payment plans, or plan a visit to the studio and shop in person at our Walnut Creek, CA fine jewelry store. 

Looking for a custom piece? Contact Jill to create your dream New Beginnings or Butterfly fine jewelry today. 


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