How Customized Jewelry Works

How Customized Jewelry Works

 Have you ever thought about ordering a customized piece of jewelry? People are surprised and delighted to receive such a one-of-a-kind gift—and they treasure it deeply. 

Customized jewelry is an especially wonderful option for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, major birthdays, or holidays. Here’s how it works, and how far ahead you should plan. 

Custom ✨1️⃣9️⃣ ✨
A special number for a special woman ❤️

Commission your own Angel Number here. Available as a pendant, necklace or ring. 

Step one:

We talk about who the gift is for and what you’d like to incorporate. Initials? Dates? Engraving? Other special elements? We also talk about the style of the piece, including what types of gems and metals you’d like to incorporate. 

Fourteen diamonds for fourteen grandchildren! A custom necklace for a special woman. Thank you! ❤️🙏🏻💎❤️

Step two:

Based on your input, I create a few ideas, and together we refine the concept. 


Recent redesign obsession! 💎
So grateful for this opportunity. It was such a fun experience to work with this special woman that I look up to and admire.

Step three:

Once you love the concept, we move to creation! Your piece is hand-crafted to bring your beautiful design to life. It’s so special. 

A very special custom piece for one of my favorite humans 💛
Citrine is known for healing the spiritual self, inspiration, self improvement, prosperity, joy & energy. Wishing you all of this and more!💛💫💛


Customized jewelry can take six weeks or more, so the earlier you can plan, the better. 

If you’re interested in customization, I would love to talk. We will create a piece as unique as your loved one.

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